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Current Music:!!!!!!!!.,?
Subject:I am on the very cutting edge of the music scene.
Time:12:44 am
Current Mood:artisticartistic
I'm starting a new band. We're going to change the face of music.

we will be called ":!?." and we will perform and record experimental jazz fusion expressed only in punctuation marks.

Oh hell yeah, I am that cool.
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Current Music:Futurama
Time:11:43 pm
Current Mood:confusedconfused
My encounter with premature senility (while making kool-aid):

1) take pitcher out of fridge, finish remaining kool-aid
2) turn back to fridge, fully expecting to find sugar and kool-aid powder inside
3) realize mistake, remove sugar and powder from cabinet *
4) place sugar and powder next to pitcher on counter
5) turn around, look in cabinet for measuring cup
6) remember basic logic of kitchen, get measuring cup out of dish rack located DIRECTLY BELOW cabinet and therefore DIRECTLY in front of you
7) add powder and sugar to pitcher
8) put sugar in fridge (thanks for stopping me, trav)
9) add water to pitcher, shake vigorously while wondering why I have suddenly become incapable of making kool-aid

Yep. That's just sad.

* ok, so the first time I tried to type this riveting account, I actually wrote fridge there instead. Good lord.
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Subject:Alright, so I suck.
Time:12:00 pm
Current Mood:workingworking

Once upon a time, in a far-away land, there was a girl who never posted in her livejournal.  She felt very, very bad about it, so one day she finally sat down and wrote about her life...

...in the form of a numbered list, because she likes things to be organized...

...the list looked a little bit like this...

  1. I'm still working at The Max, and doing pretty well.  They're starting to train me in CopyMax (yes, everything in the store is [something]Max).  I'm happy about that.  I started covering for people's lunches back there, and then when people called in, and now they're putting me back there more and more.  Unfortunately, I have yet to get any formal training...I'm just trying to figure everything out as I go.
  2. Spring semester is getting close to full swing right now.  I have a heavy load (17 credits, including a couple of 4-credit classes), but it's not bad at all.  I like my classes and professors, so that's definitely a good thing.
  3. My applications for grad school are IN.  Thank goodness.  Yes, I procrastinated.  Of course.  But that's taken care of, so no need to stress over it.  Well, until it's getting close to acceptance/rejection time.  Honestly, though, I feel pretty good about it.  My GPA is pretty good (3.802), I feel confident that my letters of recommendation are solid, I feel good about my essay, and I got a decent GRE score.
  4. Speaking of GRE scores, I was really surprised to find out how some of the other girls in my major did.  I didn't think mine was mind-blowing (solid, more than enough to get me a second look at RU), but...well, I was just surprised.  It was one of those things where people you really thought were smart didn't do as well as you'd expected.  Ok, so that sounded bad.  Don't get me wrong, I don't think they're not smart--in fact, I don't think they're any less smart than I did before.  (whew, that was a confusing sentence.)  My guess is that they just don't test well.  I just wish I'd studied more--my math score was less than great (but I think I made up for it on verbal).  I ended up with almost exactly a 100pt drop from my SAT score in each section.  Now if only they would send me my writing score...
  5. Trav's a corporate whore now.  Hehe...I love making fun of him for that.  No, really, he's working at the National Bank of Blacksburg.  He says he really likes it, and they seem to think very highly of him--he got moved from part-time to full-time way ahead of schedule!  Hooray for Trav!  It doesn't hurt that he has a darn good benefits package now, which will be a big help once we get hitched.
  6. And speaking of hitching, we haven't planned anything.  Ugh.  This is what happens when two people who a) don't really know what they're doing, and b) aren't worked up about making it a big production  decide to get married.  Both of us just want a nice, simple ceremony without a billion people.  We really need to hop on the wedding train.  (hehe, that's fun to say.)  Anyway, everyone seems to be planning weddings right now, and I just don't want to hear it.  It just reminds me of how we're not on the ball.  Oh, and everyone keeps asking me what our colors are!  What?  I wasn't completely aware that I should have colors!  I mean, I'll be wearing ivory and Trav will be wearing a tux (I'm pushing for powder blue, myself.  Possibly with a ruffly shirt).  Those are the colors that I had thought about--and now everyone is asking for more colors!  Good lord, what is up with the colors?  Come on!  We're not having attendants (so no bridesmaid's dresses), so I don't think it's a huge issue to match the flowers to anything.  I doubt I'll even be able to match the flowers to each other!  So, yeah.  Sometimes it would be nice to have some of those superpowers all the other girls seem to have.  You know, like flight...telepathy...matching colors...planning a wedding...I mean, all I have is the Lasso of Truth!  And the Power of Sarcasm!  And...um...some other stuff.

So basically, that's what's been going on.  Work is good, school is good, and I procrastinate too much.

(oh, and just so you know, that part about my Lasso of Truth was a lie.  I just wanted you to think that I'm cool.  Sorry, guys.)

(it just occured to me that it's kinda funny that I lied about my Lasso of Truth.  Ha.)

(oh, but I do have the Power of Sarcasm.  In case you didn't know.)

(Enough with the parenthesis!  Good lord, I abuse these things.)

...and everyone lived happily ever after!  Except for that jerk who gave everyone wedgies.  And who wants him to live happily ever after, anyway?

{end of transmission}

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Subject:Better late than never, right?
Time:05:16 pm
Current Mood:sicksick
Ok, so a quick update. Work is going well (although there is a lot of it). I'm finally getting some recognition at The Max for working my ass off every day I work. In fact, they're putting a request in to corporate to try to get me a raise. Woohoo!

I thought I was having problems with allergies, but as it turns out I have a cold. Again. I just hope it doesn't last as long as the last one. (a solid month of being sick really, really sucks.) Plus I take the GRE tomorrow, so I'm trying to think healthy thoughts so I'll feel alright for it. Oof. So today I'm just studying and blowing my nose. A lot.

Christmas was great, although too short. I had to work the 24th and the 26th, so Trav and I drove down Friday when we got off of work and then came back on Christmas day. Never the less, it was great to get to spend time with my family. Killy's growing so fast, and he's such a sweetie! Trav and I agree that we have the best nephew ever. :)

So, in the Christmas vein, here's a story that Trav and I heard on the way back to Radford on Christmas day. We were cruising through AM stations to find some good talk radio (we're addicted) and we stumbled across a station that was doing a Christmas special. For the most part it was hilarious (some of the high points were a raccoon (or maybe squirrel) stealing a guy's mittens and claiming that they guys had written "Silent Night" and invented toast), but towards the end they had a really great (true) story about Mike Royko's experience selling Christmas trees when he was younger (originally printed in his column). Enjoy! Oh, and Merry Christmas...sorry I'm a few days late!

The conversation at the bar got around to Christmas trees. Somebody had
mentioned how much they cost today and what a pain in the neck it is
to go out in the bitter cold and shop around for a good one.

"Nah," said Slats Grobnik. "There`s nothing to it; not if you know
what you`re doing."

What makes you an expert?

"I used to work in a tree lot when I was a young guy," said Slats.
"My uncle used to sell them in the vacant lot next to his tavern. And
that`s when I learned the secret."

What secret?

"The secret of having the most beautiful tree you ever saw."

That`s easy. The secret is to go out with a pocket full of money and
spend what it takes to buy the best tree.

Slats shook his head. "Uh-uh. Money`s not the secret."

So, tell us the secret.

"Awright. It was a long time ago, maybe 30 years. I was in the lot and
it was the night before Christmas Eve, about a half hour before I was
going to close up. I hadn`t seen a customer in two hours.

"I had maybe a couple dozen trees left, and most of `em weren`t much to
look at. By the time you get that close to Christmas, they`ve been
picked over pretty good.

"So I`m standing by the kerosene heater when this young couple comes in
and starts looking at the trees.

"I don`t know `em by name, but I know they live down the street in the
basement of one of the dumpiest three-flats in the neighborhood.

"He`s a skinny young guy with a big Adam`s apple and a small chin. Not
much to look at. She`s kind of pretty, but they`re both wearing clothes that
look like they came out of the bottom bin at the Salvation Army store.

"It`s cold as a witch`s toes, but neither of them have got on gloves or
heavy shoes. So it`s easy to see that they`re having hard times with the

"Well, they start lifting the trees up and looking at `em and walking
around `em, the way people do. They finally find one that was pretty decent.
Not a great tree. But it wasn`t bad. And they ask me the price.

"It was about $8 or $9. They don`t say anything. They just put it down.

"They keep looking. They must have looked at every tree in the lot.
Like I said, there weren`t many that were any good. But every time I
gave the price on a decent one, they just shook their heads.

"Finally, they thank me and walk away. But when they get out on the
sidewalk she says something and they stand there talking for awhile. Then he
shrugs and they come back.

"I figure they`re going to take one of the good trees after all.

"But they go over to this one tree that had to be the most pathetic
tree we had. It was a Scotch pine that was OK on one side, but the
other side was missing about half the branches.

"They ask me how much that one was. I told them that they`d have a hard
time making it look good, no matter how much tinsel they put on it. But they
could have it for a couple of bucks.

"Then they picked up another one that was damned near as pathetic. Same
thing--full on one side, but scraggly on the other.

"They asked how much for that one. I told them that it was a deuce,
too. "So then she whispers something to him and he asks me if I`ll
take $3 for the two of them.

"Well, what am I going to do? Nobody`s going to buy those trees anyway,
so I told them they had a deal. But I tell them, what do you want with two
trees? Spend a few dollars more and get yourself a nice tree.

"She just smiled and said they wanted to try something. So they gave me
the $3 and he carried one of them and she took the other.

"The next night, I happen to be walking past their building. I look
down at the window and I can see a tree. I couldn`t see it all, but
what there was looked good.

"The lights are on, so I figure, what the heck. I knock on the door.
They open it and I tell them I noticed the tree and I was just curious.

"They let me in. And I almost fell over. There in this tiny parlor was
the most beautiful tree I ever saw. It was so thick it was almost like
a bush. You couldn`t see the trunk.

"They told me how they did it. They took the two trees and worked the
trunks close together so they touched where the branches were thin.

"Then they tied the trunks together with wire. But when the branches
overlapped and came together, it formed a tree so thick you couldn`t see the
wire. It was like a tiny forest of its own.

"The two of them looked so happy with it that it made me feel good the
rest of the week.

"And thinking of those two orphan trees, which would have been tossed
out if they hadn`t come along, made me feel good, too.

"So that`s the secret. You take two trees that aren`t perfect, that
have flaws, that might even be homely, that maybe nobody else would

But if you put them together just right, you can come up with something
really beautiful.

"Like two people, I guess."

--Mike Royko
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Subject:My Great Idea
Time:12:18 am
Current Mood:jubilantjubilant
Ok, so here's yet another great idea.

I'm going to get two lawn gnomes and name them Watson and Crick.

Gnome..G-nome...GENOME! Haha!

(And for those of you who are out of the loop, Watson and Crick are the men who figured out the double-helix pattern of DNA. Well, I think it's funny.)
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Subject:replies to an old survey
Time:04:18 pm
Current Mood:confusedconfused
Dear straight men who wear makeup,
    I am sorry that I offended you.
    I did not mean to imply that you cannot wear makeup.
    Please accept my humblest apologies.
      ruefully yours,

Ok, so let me explain the above letter of apology. I don't know if you remember a post I made on 11-11-04. It was a survey I ganked from sambumbia .

Here is one of the questions, followed by my response:

current makeup (if you're a girl!): Alright, I have a problem with this question. What about transvestites and transsexuals? I am boycotting this question out of respect for those men who want to be women. Oh, you narrow-minded survey-writers...I'll get you yet.

Now, as you can probably tell, my response was meant jokingly. Yes, I do believe that men (of any sex or gender) have as much of a right as women to wear makeup. But no, I did not mean to imply that only transvestites or transgendered men can wear makeup. Any straight guy who wants to can wear makeup. Furthermore, I do not forsee that I will ever really "get" the survey writers.

Anyway, this meta-post does have a point. Today, some three-plus weeks after the survey, I recieved notification of a reply to said post. Check out the reply and my response here.

Please, feel free to reply either to this post or to the controversial survey post. I'd like to know what you all think.

{end of transmission}
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Time:07:01 am
speech pathology is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator
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Current Music:Iron Chef
Time:11:03 pm
Current Mood:tiredtired
Wow...good thanksgiving, huh? Remember that time that Billy shot cranberry sauce out of his nose? Yeah, that was cool.

Alright, enough fond reminiscing.

Seriously, it was so nice to get to see my family again. Killy's grown up so much--he's the sweetest little guy...even if he did poop and spit up an unbelievable amount at the apartment. After that, he seemed to have fond memories of Trav and me...he saw us and immediately remembered that time when he completely emptied his GI tract.

Work was unbelievable yesterday. I got there at 6:15 and there were already about 70 people waiting outside to get in. From the time we opened (7am) until I went to lunch (12:15am), there was a line all the way to the back of the store. We ran out of the two big sale items within 1.5hrs of opening. It was retail insanity...or hell. Whatever. Anyway, that's done, and I'm really, really glad. I worked 12-close today and I work open to close tomorrow (11-6), so I need to go get some rest.

Oh, and in case you forgot...

Killy = totally awesome.

Check out the pics at www.photogrove.com

or else.

{end of transmission}
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Subject:I love Babar.
Time:01:56 am
Current Mood:amusedamused
You don't understand how much I loved Babar as a child. Well, unless you're Dave or my parents.

Babar rules.

You're Babar the King!

by Jean de Brunhoff

Though your life has been filled with struggle and sadness of late,
you're personally doing quite well for yourself. All this success brings responsibility,
though, and should not be taken lightly. Life has turned from war to peace, from damage
to reconstruction, and this brings a bright new hope for everyone you know. These hopeful
people look to you for guidance, and your best advice to them is to watch out for snakes.
You're quite fond of the name "Celeste".

Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

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Subject:Random thoughts...
Time:10:52 pm
Current Mood:enragedenraged
Consider this a post to update all of you on all the things that have pissed me off in the past few days.

The big one right now is work. I'm just getting really fed up with it. I've bitched in the past about my co-workers being useless...but now it's gone beyond that. See, when I started working there, it was a pretty cool, fun place to work. My co-workers knew their jobs and actually did them. There wasn't any real pressure--sure, the usual stuff in retail, but no big deal. All in all, the Max was the best chain retail store you could hope to work for. Well, things have changed. For one, almost every one of the associates has changed since then. Now I am one of the experienced people--after four months. The whole low-pressure thing has changed too. Here's the thing: the big thing at Office Max are the MaxAssurance plans. Basically, they're insurance plans for electronics, computers, and furniture. If it breaks, you call a number and they either send you a gift card for the amount you paid (including tax) or send someone to your house/business to fix it. It really is a good investment. Anyway, when you get hired at the Max, you have to sign a paper saying that you know that selling these plans is a condition of employment. And for the past month or so, that's actually meant something. Corporate has put a lot more pressure on the managers, and that's getting passed on to us. It also doesn't help that we have a new sales manager--Dan. The bane of my existence. Working at the Max has gone from a friendly, fun place to work to a high-pressure rat race. There's a new "contest" every week that really boils down to "who can sell the most MaxAssurances in the least amount of time." And Dan....hoo boy. Everyone hates Dan. He "jokes around" with us about our sales...by which I mean he tells us that if we don't sell any that we're going to lose our jobs. He's just a total dick about the whole thing. And to top it all off, he doesn't take into consideration how many hours you work or where you're working in the store. (For the record, I work 20 hours a week (theoretically, I'll get to that in a minute). I'm also frequently working in areas where you can't sell them. Does he consider that? No. He just tells me that my sales look bad next to employee X, who works full time in electronics.)

My other big beef with the Max right now is scheduling. See, when I got out of the hospital, I requested (with doctor's note) that I work no more than 20 hours a week. This week I'm working 24, plus the 40-60 minutes I spend driving to and from work every day. Yeah, I know, 4 hours doesn't sound like a big deal, but for me it is. Right now is crunch time for me with school, and on top of that I have to take care of myself emotionally. That means I need time to relax, destress, and rest well. I'm getting screwed on scheduling--too many hours and no days off. I'd say that in the past 5 weeks, I've had 2 days off (no work or classes). I mean, my days off are still in large part full of schoolwork, but that's a solid block of time when I can actually get work done. I'm going to put in another hour request sheet tomorrow to try to get my hours down. And wednesday I'm going to go to the FinAid office to try to get a workstudy next semester. My schedule is crazy this spring, and I know it's going to be really hard to try to work at the Max, go to school, get ready for graduation, and plan a wedding at the same time. Here's hoping I can find something else...

Ok, enough about work.

Last week was the really bad one for me. Now that that's behind me I can relax a little bit...all I have to do this week is write my paper for audiology and I'll be done until finals roll around. That will be a HUGE load off my shoulders. I'm actually taking a break from reading my 11 journal articles to write this...there's only so much you can read about dyslexia and central auditory processing disorders at one time. Oof.

And the final thing...

Trav and I just had a little bitch about how stupid and negative "women's" magazines are. Cosmo is really the epitome, but they're all guilty of it, including Seventeen and all the other bullshit that teenage girls cram down their own throats. Here's the thing: neither Trav or I are for censorship. We don't think that the media should be filtered to protect people. So bear in mind that while I'm not a fan of the sexual how-to guides that seem to be in every one of these magazines every week (I don't find them offensive, nothing like that, I just think they're stupid), that's not what I have issue with. What bothers me is that they're selling women (and girls) a completely unrealistic image of what they should be and what they should expect out of men. It just really burns me up that so many women seem to think that if it's written in these magazines it is the word of GOD and must be followed to the very letter. Trav and I are both feminists in what may be an old-fasioned sense. We both believe that women should have all the rights that men do--but no more. We also believe that women should be empowered--in the sense that they should believe in themselves, in what they can do, and in who they are--with or without a man (or woman, for that matter). I just feel that these magazines that say they are empowering women are really just selling them the same cheap shit that their mothers fought to overcome. Come on, wake up. There's nothing "empowering" about bikinis, sandals, hair products, and makeup. They're telling us that the newest little black dress is all that we need to be ourselves. I say bullshit. And I have to thank my parents for teaching me this. They raised Dave and I to be ourselves--nothing more and nothing less--regardless of how that fit with what society expected. I think that has a lot to do with how apalled and confused I am by people running to whatever society tells us is the hot new thing. I don't understand it, and frankly, I hope I never do.

So in conclusion: I'm fed up with my job, I can't wait to get done with this paper, and I'm pissed off at the media for feeding us bullshit about who we should be and what products we should buy to get there.
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